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Prineville Christian Church
May 2022 Newsletter

Three Summer Events

A Treasure Hunt

We are in the process of searching for a pastor, the perfect person, to assist and eventually replace Dan as he travels the road toward his anticipated retirement in 2024.

The search committee is currently finalizing a job description and will then advertise for the position.

Stay tuned for updates and pray that God will send us just the right person.


8 “Getting to Know” Sermons

How much do you know about Prineville Christian?

Do you know where we came from, who we are?

What we believe?

Do you know what we value, why we baptize and serve communion?

Do you know how we operate, how our leadership works, how you can participate?

May, June, and July we will answer those questions in 8 sermons broken into 3 miniseries.

4 “What would you like to know “ Elective sermons

I have set aside (May 29, June 26, July 4 & July 31) to answer questions such as:

What does the bible say about__ ?   .  How should a Jesus follower respond to___?   .  Etc.

Please email your elective sermon ideas in writing to:,


place them in the offering box

for questions concerning these events, please contact Dan @ 541-410-5093 (phone or text)




See You in Church,