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Prineville Christian Church
August 2022 News Brief

Search Committee Update

The transitional pastor search is narrowing down.  Please come to the interview weekend events on August 20th and 21st to​ meet our prospective transition pastor!

Men's Ministry Update

For the months of June and July the Men’s Ministry had an all-church breakfast.   The church purchased a log truck load of logs in early June so we would have firewood for church members who need assistance with getting wood. We also wanted to have some on hand for winter emergencies for members of the Prineville Community.


In June we had 20 church members attend breakfast. After breakfast we cut, split and delivered approximately three cords of wood.  In July we had 19 people attend breakfast.  After breakfast we had two work parties.  One work party drove to a member’s house and mowed a field.  The rest of the group cut and split approximately three cords of firewood. They delivered a couple of trailer loads and stored some in the shed on the property next door to be used for emergencies this winter.  And after all that we still probably have four cords of wood left in the log pile.


The ministry, so for this year, has raised $480.  The monies donated to the ministry are used to pay for the breakfast groceries and to purchase food and other items for the charity food baskets the church delivers to people in need every December.


We wish to thank everyone who helped with the projects these past two months.  The work was hard but rewarding.