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September/ October Sermon Series:
"Six Ways the Holy Spirit Is Helping You Today"
Παράκλητος - Parakletos - Helper

The Holy Spirit is our helper!

He is living and active in today's world and in our church.  We are called as Jesus followers to listen to his word.  He will always confirm what God desires just as Jesus followed the will of the father. 


We miss out on so many opportunities to grow when we are oblivious to his presence.  So for this sermon series we are going to talk about how the Holy Spirit is helping us today!


There are lots of arguments about him however the Holy Spirit was meant to unite us together.  Thus, we will talk about specifically how he is helping us in our day to day lives.


Sunday, September 3rd  

"Helper - 

Teach and Remind"

John 14:26

Speaker:  Scott Carpenter

Sunday, September 10th 

"Moral Guide -

A Mindset of Jesus"

John 16:7-8

Speaker:  Dan Parks

Sunday, September 17th
"Travel Companion -
God Goes with You"

1 Corinthians 3:16; 6:19
Speaker:  Dan Parks

Sunday, September 24th 

"Reveals God's Will -

Specific Roles"

1 Corinthians 2:10-11

Speaker:  Scott Carpenter


Sunday, October 1st 

"Leads by God's Authority - 

Pointo to God"

John 16:3

Speaker:  Dan Parks

Sunday, October 8th 

"Life Giver -

Restores Our Bodies and Souls"

Romans 8:9-11

Speaker:  Scott Carpenter

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